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Full Tilt Poker Deductions

Most of the poker rooms take certain deductions from players rakeback. Full Tilt Poker is not an exception, there are four different ways of deductions: fees, bonuses, tournamets and points (FTP) convertion.


Bonus Deduction When you release a bonus, the bonus ammount is substracted from your MGR. For example you raked 1000$ in MGR and released 600$. Then your final earnings will be 600$+(1000$-600$)*27%=708$
FTP Points Each time you spend your Full Tilt Points in store, the room subtracts a certain amount from your total MGR. For every 1000 points you spend at the store, Full Tilt charges 5$ against your generated rake. With 27% rakeback this means, that for each 1000 points spent at the store, you get a 1.35$ RB hit.
Transaction Fees Different deposit/withdrawal options are not free, every time you use it, Full Tilt deducts the costs from your MGR.
Tournament Overlays When a guaranteed prize pool of a hosted tournament doesn't reach enough registered players to cover the prize money, Full Tilt compensates that amount by a rake deduction to all registered players of a tournament.
Added Money Tournaments When Full Tilt adds the tournament prize pool, the added money is deducted from each registered player of that tournament.

Practical Facts

Bank Transfer ~ 20$.
Check ~ 8$.
Wire Transfer ~ 10$ - 75$.

Everything else can be calculated by formula 1,000 points is a value of 5$, so for every 1,000 points you spend, you have $5 against MGR, or a 1.35$ RB hit.

Deduction Calculator

Full Tilt Points

MGR hit RB hit (27%)
5.00$ 1.35$



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