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Moneybookers vs Neteller

Moneybookers and Neteller are most popular gambling bank wires. They are used to transfer money from your poker account to your bank account. In this review the two payment wires are compared in security and fee possibilities.
Neteller Review and Moneybookers Review
  moneybookers neteller
security, usability
Security, usability
Login (email)
Date of Birth
easy to remember
Accout ID
Secure ID
hard to remember
fees, p2p transfers
p2p transfers
1% fee (limited to €0.50)
for the sender
1.9% fee (unlimited), with a minimum charge of USD$1
for the recipient
fees, deposits
Credit card deposit
1.9% fee 1.75% fee
fees, withdrawals
Withdrawal to bank account
€1.80 €7.5
currency exchange
Currency exchange
0,95% fee 1,9% fee
Email support
Phone (9-18 GMT)
Response 1-3 days
Email support
Phone (24x7)
Online chat
Response ~1 hour

MB and Neteller Overall
Moneybookers: Easy to use interface, good security, low fees, fast transfers.

Neteller: Good security, fast transfers, good support.



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