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Most Rare and Interesting Poker Slang

There are a lot of poker slangs at the tables. Some of them are commonly used but others are as rare as rocking horse shit. We have collected the most interesting and rare poker slangs just for you.
Poker Slang - Explanation
Advertise - To intentionally bluff and give the impression that you are a loose player.
Black Leg - The archaic term, means crooked sharper.
Blow Back - To lose back one's money.
Cage - The cashier, where you exchange chips and cash.
Caught Speeding - Slang for caught bluffing.
Coffee Housing - An attempt to mislead opponents about one's hand by means of devious speech or behavior.
Down To The Felt - A player who has lost most of his chips.
Driver's Seat - The player who is making all the betting and thus appears to hold the strongest hand is said to be in the driver's seat.
Free Ride - To stay in a hand without being forced to bet.
Hit And Run - A player who has only been at the table a short amount of time and leaves after winning a big pot.
In the Air - When the tournament director instructs the dealers to get the cards in the air, it means to start dealing.
Jam - A pot where several players are raising.
Kibitzer - A non-playing spectator; a railbird.
Mark - A sucker or a fish.
Narrow the Field - To bet or raise in order to scare off other players whose hands are currently worse than yours, but have the potential to improve.
Provider - A player who makes the game profitable for the other players at the table; a nicer term for a fish.
Rock Garden - A table populated with rocks.
Shill - A cardroom employee, often an off-duty dealer, who plays with house money to make up a game.
Sweeten The Pot - Slang for raise.
Take Off The Gloves - To use an aggressive betting strategy to bully opponents.



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