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Dealt or Contributed

Is it more profitable to play on a pokersite that has dealt or contributed rakeback method? What are the pros and cons of dealt and contributed methods?

Rakeback Methods

Dealt Method Opinion of a Poker Player
If you are dealt cards in a hand, you are considered to have paid rake in a hand, even if you didn't see a flop.

If there are 10 people dealt cards in a hand, and the rake for that hand was 10$, under a dealt card system each player is considered to have paid 1$ in rake.

Dealt Rakeback is good to players who play a tight, aggressive game in full ring play. A player who plays tight is seeing few flops, but with dealt rakeback they earn rakeback for every hand.
My opionion is with dealt you have to play more tight but other players are also playing tight so the action is less which overall leads to smaller pot, which leads to smaller rake.

Even some fish may not want to gamble as much and that can cut into your profits as well.
Contributed Method Opinion of a Poker Player
Contributed rakeback requires you contribute money to the pot to be considered to have paid rake in a hand. It does not matter if you pay a blind, or limp in. If you do not contribute to the pot, you have not paid rake under this formula.

To illustrate: If 10 people are dealt cards in a hand, but only the two blinds contribute money to the pot, they are the only two paying rake. So if the rake for the hand is 1.00, each has paid 50 cents in rake under a contributed rakeback system.

Contributed rakeback favors players who play more aggressively, especially in short handed games. This excludes heads up games, of course, where there is no difference between between the two formulas.
With contributed it seems like there would be more action on the tables. You also get to play more pots which could be bad if you dont have discipline. People would be limping and calling more so that they dont miss out on there piece of the pie.

Weak players would try to limp and call more often, so thats a good thing.



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